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Genital Warts - An Explanation

Warts can feel like a real nuisance, and with 60% of the population eventually becoming infected with the virus that causes warts before the time they are 50 years old, it seems inevitable that a bout of genital warts will be experienced by most. They are ugly and sometimes sore too but, are now very preventable. For those of us who have missed out on the free vaccine, warts are treatable and condom use will help to minimize the risk of infection too! Basic treatments are free on the NHS and home treatments can also be obtained. People are really benefitting from topical treatments they can administer at home. It’s good to remember that you aren’t the only one and that warts are increasingly common. It’s just about management.


Cryotherapy is basically the freezing off of warts and is very successful. Similarly, they can be burned off via a method of electro cauterization. In some cases, lasers and surgery are a more successful option. The prevalence and recurrence of warts differs from person to person but in most cases they can be controlled and even completely got rid of. Topical treatments like Aldara, Warticon and Condyline are successful approaches to the eradication of warts but patience is required! These treatments take time to get working. Warticon and Conyline will get rid of the warts but Aldara is an immunomodulator and will help to boost the immune system to deal with the warts in addition. It’s a more expensive option but will give the body the best chance of getting rid of the warts in the long term. Read More...

Sex and the Over 60s

The myth of sex being just for the young

Sexuality is a very important part of a fulfilling, healthy life. It is not only a pleasurable experience of the senses, but also a way of deeply connecting and sharing with a person who you hold close. As such, it is an activity that should be meant for everyone, and not just the young people. As a matter of fact, it is. Unlike most people think, the older ones can still enjoy a satisfying sexual life, whether it is with their spouse, their date or even other people. 

The fact that people lose all interest or capacity to have sex when they grow older is nothing but a myth. It is true that sexual appetite decreases in intensity, but other aspects of sex are mantained and even become stronger as years go by. Old people can enjoy their sexuality just as much as young people do. Help Guide has published a very extensive article on the sex life of older people, always remarking the idea that a fulfilling sex life is possible at any age.


Vaccine For Chlamydia Shows Promise

Chlamydia - Quite Common and Widespread


Chlamydia is one of the most common and widespread sexually transmitted infections in the world. Chlamydia is the most commonly found STI among men and women in the UK. The main problem with the infection is that it doesn’t show any symptoms in many patients and as a result, people don’t get themselves tested. This means that many people with Chlamydia don’t know that they have the infection and thus, indulge in sexual practices that transfer the infection to uninfected individuals. This is what makes Chlamydia potentially dangerous. The added fact that Chlamydia can lead to extreme complications among patients can’t be ignored either. Read More...

New Migraine Medication in Clinical Trials

Severe and totally crippling headaches, chills, episodes of vomiting and fever, disturbed vision; these are sure signs that you may be suffering from the number one neurological disorder in the world: migraines. Believed to attack mostly women, migraines can be debilitating to the point where one has to resort to dubious means to get some relief.

Some of the “relievers” include raw ginger, vinegar compresses, darkness and sunglasses. While these offer relief for different people in different ways they are just not a permanent solution for migraines. Read More...

Tinder Users More Likely to have an STI

Dating apps and sex apps: the dangers

Dating and sex apps have boomed in the last years, with millions of users looking for partners every day through their phones. This has allowed people to find matches for their desires and their interests very quickly and easily, so these apps have become an ally for those who decide to live that kind of life, or even just concertate a quick encounter every now and then. Communication isn't a bad thing in itself, but dating apps and sex apps have also skyrocketed the statistics of some unwanted events worth talking about, like sexual abuse, violence and STI transmission.

Sex apps offer the advantage of finding plenty of willing sexual partners in your surounding area, which can lead to an incresae in the quantity and frequency of your sexual intercourse. If this meets your interests, then they are a powerful tool for you. However, you must be aware of the risks of such an increase. A study has found that around three quarters of Tinder users - arguably the best known sex app available - had caught some STI against around 38% of non Tinder users. If you want to know more about the numbers and statistics, you can see the news story here

The more sexual partners you have, the more likely you are to get an STI, especially if your partners also have other partners - just as most Tinder users do. The more quickly you exchange partners before you get tested or treated, the more you will spread the disease in case that you have been infected. For this reason, sex apps are understandably a key factor in the dynamics of STI boomings. Read More...

Brits told to be Careful When Having Sex Overseas

Chlamydia - The most prevalent STI


Chlamydia is a STI (sexual transmitted infection) caused by the bacteria called ‘Chlamydia trachomatis’. The germ affects the cervix and uterus of the woman. For the man the urethra will be affected. In some circumstances, even the eyes, lungs and throat can be become affected. It transmitted by having a sexual contact with a person that carries the infection. This happens whenever your come into contact with vaginal fluids or semen from the person infected. Since the symptoms do not show up, usually when it is too late, many woman are unaware that they are infected with the disease. This is one of the reasons why the amount of infected have increased significantly over the recent years. Read More...

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Some of our patients are on a road to productivity after being diagnosed by a mental condition. Read what they have to say.

Mason Hartley
Foot Quarters

I was always on the edge and never realised that I had a severe case of depression until I went to Lewisham clinic. My friend just told me to get diagnosed and was surprised to learn that I am depressed internally. With their regular sessions and medication, i feel a lot better and healthy already!

Michael Moss

Lewisham clinic did a small workshop on importance of mental health in our area and I must admit there were so many things we just didnít know about! I and family make proper provisions now for overall body care, including the mind.

Amelie Phillips
Star Assistance

Mental illness is not to be ignored, however small it may be. Thank you Lewisham clinic for helping get through an anxiety disorder. I feel better already! Many thanks to Lewisham Clinic for all the help and support they have provided me with. †
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Not only your body but also your mind needs care! Find out more from our experts.
Not only your body but also your mind needs care! Find out more from our experts.
Not only your body but also your mind needs care! Find out more from our experts.