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Tinder Users More Likely to have an STI

Dating apps and sex apps: the dangers

Dating and sex apps have boomed in the last years, with millions of users looking for partners every day through their phones. This has allowed people to find matches for their desires and their interests very quickly and easily, so these apps have become an ally for those who decide to live that kind of life, or even just concertate a quick encounter every now and then. Communication isn't a bad thing in itself, but dating apps and sex apps have also skyrocketed the statistics of some unwanted events worth talking about, like sexual abuse, violence and STI transmission.

Sex apps offer the advantage of finding plenty of willing sexual partners in your surounding area, which can lead to an incresae in the quantity and frequency of your sexual intercourse. If this meets your interests, then they are a powerful tool for you. However, you must be aware of the risks of such an increase. A study has found that around three quarters of Tinder users - arguably the best known sex app available - had caught some STI against around 38% of non Tinder users. If you want to know more about the numbers and statistics, you can see the news story here

The more sexual partners you have, the more likely you are to get an STI, especially if your partners also have other partners - just as most Tinder users do. The more quickly you exchange partners before you get tested or treated, the more you will spread the disease in case that you have been infected. For this reason, sex apps are understandably a key factor in the dynamics of STI boomings.

Don't underestimate STIs

Sexually transmitted infections are a serious thing, but sometimes people seem to think that they aren't such a big deal. There are two common mistakes about how they see STIs that should be immediately corrected in order to protect them from a potentially dangerous situation.

STIs are easy to catch

STIs can do you serious harm

There is no such thing as "we've done it just once so nothing will happen", "I almost never do this so what are the chances I'm getting a diseas?" and "we used condom when we proceeded to vaginal sex so we're safe". If someone is infected - and anyone could be - you can catch it with just one intercourse, with vaginal, anal or oral, by sharing toys, by even touching genitalia or infected areas, or even by being sprinkled. 

You shouldn't even trust someone you don't know who says "I'm clean". Perhaps they are infected but they don't know, or they do know but they want to have sex with you anyway so they lie.

People tend to underestimate the impact that STIs can have in their health. For most of them, STIs are little more than an itch or ugly-looking eruption on their skin. However, some STIs can harm you very badly or even kill you. HIV is an infection that is known for being dangerous to your wellbeing and your life, but it's not the only one.

Other infections such as chlamydia and gonorrhea have been found to cause serious health problems. Chlamydia can make you blind and gonorrhea can cause kidney faliure and infertility when untreated.

Get tested

People rarely get tested for STIs, even if they are at increased risk of catching them - just as in the case of Tinder users or other sex apps of the like. As you have just read, you shouldn't underestimate how easy it is to catch an STI and how dangerous it could be, so we suggest that you get a STI screening periodically, especially if you are at increased risk.

People often feel lazy or ashamed to go to a GP to get tested, or just don't have the time to do so. Luckily for them, there are STI home tests that can be performed in anonimacy and in the comfort of your house. You can find a clinic near you where you can take your results or you can contact an online clinic like and request a screening. All materials and instructions necessary will be sent to your house by mail, and you can send them back after you've collected the samples required. The process is easy and very quick.

Your samples will be then analyzed by health professionals at the clinic and you will have feedback. If you test possitive for an infection, professionals will provide advice and information on your disease and what to do to get rid of it. You will get prescriptions for antibiotics that you can go get at the pharmacy.

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Mental illness is not to be ignored, however small it may be. Thank you Lewisham clinic for helping get through an anxiety disorder. I feel better already! Many thanks to Lewisham Clinic for all the help and support they have provided me with. †
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Not only your body but also your mind needs care! Find out more from our experts.
Not only your body but also your mind needs care! Find out more from our experts.
Not only your body but also your mind needs care! Find out more from our experts.