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New Migraine Medication in Clinical Trials

Severe and totally crippling headaches, chills, episodes of vomiting and fever, disturbed vision; these are sure signs that you may be suffering from the number one neurological disorder in the world: migraines. Believed to attack mostly women, migraines can be debilitating to the point where one has to resort to dubious means to get some relief.

Some of the “relievers” include raw ginger, vinegar compresses, darkness and sunglasses. While these offer relief for different people in different ways they are just not a permanent solution for migraines.

Researchers may have finally found a way to fill in this long standing gap in the medical field. A migraine prevention drugs in trail is already showing a lot of promise with initial tests and is estimated to be at least worth 8 billion if it hits the market. Migraine sufferers can finally get some reprieve.

What Causes Migraines 


In past years speculation has been rife that migraines are hereditary. Now researchers have crossed the speculation line and are pretty convinced that they are. There is a specific gene in people who suffer from migraines that has been shown to predispose them and their offspring to this miserable neurological disorder.

In a study by a doctor from the University of California it was found that out of a sample of 430 people who get migraines plus three generations of their family members with the same problem, a third presented with unique markers found on chromosome form showing a direct link between migraines and genetics. This migraine information has proven that migraines are hereditary.

Migraines are caused by any type of change in the brainstem and the trigeminal nerve, which is a pain pathway. 

Hormonal Shifts

Sharp changes in hormones especially in women have been shown to also trigger migraines. Women report terrible migraines during, before or just after periods, during pregnancy, menopause and many other points in their lives where hormones fluctuate sharply. 

Food and Eating Habits

Diets that involve skipping meals are deadly because they can trigger the most painful migraines you have ever experienced. Certain foods like aged cheese, processed food, sweeteners, alcohol and caffeine are also culprits. 


Stress at your workplace or at home is a leading cause of migraines. 


Some medicines can trigger migraines as a side effect of the chemicals they contain. 

Environmental Change

Travelling to places where the environment is markedly different from your usual place of residence has also been shown to trigger migraines. 

Exertion and Poor Sleep

Lack of enough sleep and rest definitely causes migraines especially if prolonged. You may also notice migraine attacks when normal sleeping patterns change.

Treatment for Migraines

Before this new breakthrough in the pharmaceutical industry migraines had other treatment options. 

Pain Relief Medication

These are medicines used for abortive treatment of migraines. There is no real cure for migraines, they can only be controlled. This type of medication is given after symptoms have begun to provide relief. They include aspirin, ibuprofen and NSAIDS.

There are also Opioids, medication for the nausea, Triptans and Zomig (e.g Sumatriptan and Zolmitriptan), steroids such as prednisone and so much more. While most of the above medication is still in the trial phase, the response in trial populations has been overwhelmingly positive. Sumatriptan is the leading migraine medication today, which proves that there is some hope after all. 

Prophylactic Medication

You can take medicine on a regular basis to control the occurrence of or frequency with which migraines attack. Examples here include antidepressants, cardiovascular drugs, drugs to prevent seizures, botox and naprosyn.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

With most diseases, control and treatment often simply boils down to one thing; lifestyle change. True migraines are genetically induced but you also can do something to at least reduce the frequency with which they present.

Alcohol intake for instance is very unhealthy for people who suffer from migraines. Reducing your alcohol intake to the very minimal or simply doing away with it is your best bet at controlling this debilitating condition. It is not too much to give away when compared to half a month every month of your life of pain.

Watching what you eat is also very crucial when it comes to controlling migraines. Take note of the effect that food has on you. You can keep a chart so that you always know what you ate right before a migraine came on. Avoid these foods.

Do not go on diets that encourage skipping meals. This is just unhealthy even for people who do not suffer from migraines. Exercise is a better way to do this. If you absolutely have to diet then consult with a professional to get real dieting advice.





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Not only your body but also your mind needs care! Find out more from our experts.
Not only your body but also your mind needs care! Find out more from our experts.
Not only your body but also your mind needs care! Find out more from our experts.