Not only your body but also your mind needs care! Find out more from our experts.
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Feeling stressed? Your mind is not at peace? Call us and let us help you.

Don't underestimate an anxiety; it is just the first step to downhill. Let us help you.

Be aware and fight the mental disease from within. We assist you in taking the first step.


"The mental problems like anxiety or depression are used on a daily basis without realizing the long term implications of something as simple and common place as these disorders. This is just the first step to an unhealthy road that will stop you from living a coordinated and peaceful life. The sad part is, that the mental problems are so common that they affect one in four people and still there is very little happening to curtail it. These problems are perfectly curable and one will be able to live a healthy life once they seek treatment for these conditions. The point is to not ignore it!"

The first step to help in the treatment process is to acknowledge that there is a problem and not be ashamed of it. These problems are very common and are a direct reason for the cause of more serious problems. The most common forms of mental disorders are:


When you feel that your life has no purpose and you are just living for no reason, your mood is always morbid and nothing cheers you up, well then be aware that you are suffering from a case of depression. It not only affects the state of the mind but also your body in the long run. You lose appetite, libido, self esteem and even sleep.


You feel anxious over the way people always drive so recklessly. You feel angry and also worry about how you can hurt yourself if you walk on the road. This is called suffering from anxiety. You are likely to feel the restlessness, shakiness, increased heart beat etc.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

A mix of both obsession and compulsion, you mind is never at peace because you are always worried about the most nonsensical things. When you notice that you are washing your hands at least a dozen times because you fear you will be infected by germs or have sleepless nights on a vacation because of that oven you might not turned off. Go seek professional help immediately.

Bipolar Disorder

Manic depression is a classic reason why someone has mood swings. You can be overly excited one moment and feel extremely sad and depressed the next one.†


You may feel like someone else is in the room while nobody else can hear or see that person. Your speech is garbled and you canít keep your train of thought. You are almost always confused and withdrawn; well you are definitely facing what they call as schizophrenia.†

Eating Disorders

You either eat too little or too much. This may be your way of hiding emotional pain or anxiety when you just binge on the food. These are very common in people today and can lead to many eating disorder related diseases like anorexia, obesity etc.

Personality Disorders

You find it hard to change the way you think, feel and behave. Your experiences are largely what shape your personality. You go through series of emotions.†


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Some of our patients are on a road to productivity after being diagnosed by a mental condition. Read what they have to say.

Mason Hartley
Foot Quarters

I was always on the edge and never realised that I had a severe case of depression until I went to Lewisham clinic. My friend just told me to get diagnosed and was surprised to learn that I am depressed internally. With their regular sessions and medication, i feel a lot better and healthy already!

Michael Moss

Lewisham clinic did a small workshop on importance of mental health in our area and I must admit there were so many things we just didnít know about! I and family make proper provisions now for overall body care, including the mind.

Amelie Phillips
Star Assistance

Mental illness is not to be ignored, however small it may be. Thank you Lewisham clinic for helping get through an anxiety disorder. I feel better already! Many thanks to Lewisham Clinic for all the help and support they have provided me with. †
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Not only your body but also your mind needs care! Find out more from our experts.
Not only your body but also your mind needs care! Find out more from our experts.
Not only your body but also your mind needs care! Find out more from our experts.